Episode 277 Basics of fantasy culture group creation


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Today's Topic The long and short of creating a culture framework

Reading about cultures in national geographic was my first step into worldbuilding. The similarities and differences of cultures and how they change over time have been fascinating. Years ago I learned about the idea of language families. So I extended the idea of language families and came up with a protoculture or a fantasy culture group. The idea is that as the hunter-gatherer culture separates. Not only does the language change, but so does the way the people believe. So Join Michael and Jeffery as the look about how to create a fantasy culture group in your fictional world.

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Podcast Show flow
  • What is a framework?
  • What Elements do you need?
  • The long of it
  • What makes up a culture
    • Group verses Ethnicity Verses
    • Western Couture vs English
  • The 5 Big question
    • Why do think they are related
    • Shared language
    • Shared religion
    • Shared customs
    • Shared believes and norms
  • Remember!!!
    • The longer the shared experiences are separate 2 groups the more alien they will appear to each other. Imagine a Norseman meeting a person speaking Bengali in 1000 AD. Would the consider themselves distant cousins?
  • The Short of it
    • Enough to know them
    • No more than what you need, Wiggle Room
    • Use as a base for any cultures you create

Worldbuilding Task

Create a culture group framework in your world

Real world task

Learn to say no

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