Episode 287 What we would love to see in the future of TV Fantasy


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Today's Topic Is game of Thrones it?

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Podcast Show flow
  • What we want to see on TV Fantasy
  • What has been done well
    • From the perspective of today
  • What has not worked
    • Budgets do not meet the ambition – GoT
    • Not much Pure Fantasy
    • Cheesy or Epic or Both
  • What we like
    • Stranger Things
    • Altered Carbon
    • GoT
    • Lucifer
    • Good Omens
    • More if you include Supernatural and Comic
  • What was bad
    • Earthsea
    • Riverworld
    • Any Syfy I can think of
  • What we would like

Worldbuilding Task

Create a list of the Fantasy Show you would like to see

Real world task

Join us in the undercroft and let us know what you would like.

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