Episode 288 Why should you use more one-dimensional characters?


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Episode 288 Why should you use more one-dimensional characters? Today's Topic They all cannot be Jayne

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Podcast Show flow
  • What makes a character multidimensional
    • Flaws or traits that suck
    • Shades of Gray… not that … maybe that
    • Contradictions
  • This should not be your main character
    • Wonka was so much better than Wonka
  • When They work
    • One off character, Maybe in Red shirts
    • When the main character is made better
    • When it is for a time, which could be the entire story
    • Add dimension to your main character(s)
    • Two many complex characters in story
  • When they don’t work
    • Most villain in 80’s action movies
    • Plot is only about the main character
    • Story lacks subtext

Worldbuilding Task

Take a character you love, and cut the depth right out of them

Real world task

Identify one way you need to take better care of yourself. Do one thing everyday to get a step closer to achieving it.

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