Episode 289 Worldbuilding Differences Novel vs RPG Setting


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Today's Topic And do not forget the Kitchen sink

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Podcast Show flow
  • Big Picture of what is needed for Novel Vs RPG Setting
  • 3 important needs for a novel setting
    • Details needed for the narrative
    • Details for the characters involved
    • Enough background to remember and understand the setting you are using
    • Everything the GM needs to know to understand what is needed
    • Main Quest is optional
    • Adventure hooks
    • Convert world elements into desired system
    • Everything the players should know in general about the setting. These could be total lies
    • Optional
      • Additions from the base system
      • Subtractions
    • Additional points of interest for the GM to flesh out if they want to
    • Testing is never optional

Worldbuilding Task

Swap settings

Real world task

Remember being involved in the world around you does not mean to shape the world to look like you

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