#135 Mad and Horny: The Jimmy K Story


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EPISODE #135-- A certain somebody is out of town, so that means we're back to dripping out episodes one at a time! But we're back with a banger of an episode. Today on World's a Mess we talk about a poacher getting got by lions, day drunk raccoons, the marsupials that are dying to mate, and NY's new rat "plan." All this and more! Support our show at Patreon.com/quality! Follow James on twitter @kislingtwits and Alex @giraffetermath. Follow us on tumblr at https://worldsamess.tumblr.com/. Donate directly to James at Ko-fi.com/T6T16E5D. Thanks to Sef Joosten for our show art (http://spexdoodles.tumblr.com). Our theme music is "The World's a Mess" by X. Additional music by Andy Kneis. Thanks to our sources at Live Science, Guardian, and Newsweek. Please support real journalism. #NewYorkNews #FriendoNews #Australia #AnimalNews #AllAnimalSpecial #Raccoons #Drinking #Drunks #FancyRat

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