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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #77 (1988)

Yo Joe! The Joes have been ensnared in a government cover-up on Cobra Island as Fake Cobra Commander and Serpentor battle it out. Serpentor lost though so that means Dr. Mindbender can go full Krieger from ARCHER with his dead body.

As for the Joes, they chill with some Vipers to watch a cat fight between Lady Jaye and Zarana. Meanwhile, Destro wears a Speedo on a boat in the Caribbean while Roadblock run from the Feds. And since its 1988 and we are in mad grinder mode, Zartan steps away from the action to open for classic self-titled era Danzig. Sadly, Chuck Biscuits was never inducted into the Dreadnoks (but should have been).

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