004 | Who do I need to be to achieve my goals


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One of the very first things that we think about when we're pursuing any goal is ‘what do I need to do?’ And so often we write down our goal, and then we think about all the action steps and all the things that we need to do.

We come up with our TO-DO list, and yet so rarely does anyone ever think about a TO-BE list.

Yes, I think that your TO-BE list is actually more important than your TO-DO list when it comes to achieving your goals. You see, anything and everything that you do is really driven by your identity -- what you believe about yourself, and a lot of this happens at the subconscious level. We are not even really aware of some of the things that are driving us towards or away from our goals.

But for you to be successful, you need to BE.

Who you need to be? That's actually just as, if not more important than figuring out what you need to do.

In this episode, I share how to create your TO-BE list, as well as my own TO-BE goals this year.

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