015 | Why Did I Become a Coach?


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I sometimes get asked why I decided to become a coach. To be 100% transparent, I did not decide to become a coach, it almost feels like coaching has chosen me in some way. In fact, ‘coach’ is a title that I really resist because I don't really see myself as a one.

My perception of a coach was someone who has it all together, and are now in a position to impart all of this valuable information. I don't have it all together. But what I share with you on this platform is what I have learned, and the lessons that I am learning as I go through life, as I aspire to be my most extraordinary self.

In this episode, I share how exactly I ended up becoming a coach -- getting several certifications and titles -- and why in the end, getting all these on-paper credentials may not have mattered as much as I thought they would.

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