021 | 3 Key points to building sustainable habits


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I want to tell you the one thing that I know is guaranteed NOT to work when it comes to creating your habits -- and it is relying on Motivation and Willpower.

Those two things are not going to help you build habits that are sustainable. So many of us are trying to get to a result, but we're not thinking about our habits in the context of them becoming a lifestyle, but only in a short term.

“I just want to get into the size of jeans.”

“I just want to get to this weight.”

“I just want to make a million dollars.”

“I just want to start a business.”

We need to be thinking about creating habits that are sustainable and that will become a part of us.

In this episode, I will share the three key points you will need to remember to be able to build sustainable habits. These key points are way more effective long-term more than the temporary nature of relying on motivation and willpower alone.

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