024 | 5 Reasons Why Your Affirmations don't work


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In today's episode, what I'm going to say may be a little bit controversial, so get ready ladies to clutch your pearls, because I'm busting a myth about affirmations.

I’ll be honest and say I've been one to put affirmations out on social media. I love a good affirmation myself. So why am I saying affirmations don't work? Alright, what I said is why YOUR affirmations don't work. Affirmations in general are a fantastic tool, but I bet at some point you've probably said an affirmation like, “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.” But did you love yourself more? No, you probably didn't. Why?

I'm going to tell you the five most common mistakes that I see people making when it comes to affirmations, and how you can fix them to make your affirmations more effective.

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