026 | 9 Tips to Make The Next 90 Days The Best 90 Days


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We are now in the home stretch of the last quarter of the year, and I wanted to share with you 9 tips to make these last 90 days, the best 90 days of the year. I'm going to start with a confession, though. This was about the point in time in the past, when I would put my life in cruise control. I've kind of convinced myself that there are only a few more months left in the year, so I'll start in January, and I would cruise through this last quarter.

And yet, this really was a waste of a whole three months because what I can tell you is that in 90 days, you can literally change your life. You can literally achieve so much in 90 days.

These tips I will share aren't just for the last 90 days of the year, it's for any 90 days of the year.

If you've ever heard of Parkinson's Law, it says that the work expands to fit the time. So if you have a year to achieve something, it'll probably take you a year. If you're given three months to achieve something, you will figure out how to achieve that goal within three months.

It's really changing your mindset, changing how you set your goals -- from annualized goal setting, to really doubling down on making every day every moment matter, and by doing that using 90 day cycles. So I'm going to share with you nine tips on how you can make these next 90 days the best 90 days.

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