027 | Money, Mindset and Overcoming Debt with Emily King


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This week we are welcoming our first ever guest in the WORTHY podcast -- Wealth & Abundance Coach Emily King. Emily is an MBA graduate, a certified NLP practitioner, and also a certified Time Line Therapist.

Emily shares her journey just after she had graduated her MBA thinking that she had it all figured out. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as she had planned and she found herself in debt, and no sense of fulfillment.

Despite her situation, Emily had always known that she was meant to do something more.

In this episode, we learn about how Emily went from over $20K in student debt to $100K in savings within just 2 years, to building a half-a-million dollar dream home! She shares her experience, strategies, insights and breakthroughs on the topic of money and the psychology behind it.

Don’t miss this inspiring conversation about money, mindset, and manifestation from the amazing Emily King.

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