029 | 7 Habits to Create A Life You Love


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I literally was raised in a mud hut with no running water, and no electricity. The aspiration for me growing up was that I would get an education and I would make something of myself. What I lacked in material things I more than made up for in terms of the love and the attention that I got from my family.

One thing that my grandmother would always say to me as a little girl growing up, every time she saw an airplane flying up high, she'd say to me, “Sandra, do you see that airplane up there? One day, one day you're going to be on that airplane going overseas.”

When we were on the bus, she'd be pointing out all these beautiful houses with big yards and swimming pools and she'd say to me, “Sandra, one day, one day, you're going to live in one of those houses.”

And so that was the story that I grew up with this belief that one day I was going to live in this house in a neighborhood and one day I was going to get on an airplane. That was what drove me to create something of myself.

I worked hard. I managed to work three jobs to put myself through university, and I would tell myself that I would be happy one day when I have a successful career. So I worked harder and harder, and eventually I got a degree and then I got my first job, but it didn’t stop there.

“I'll be happy when I get my first promotion.”

“I'll be happy when I'm a director.”

“I'll be happy when I make $100,000.”

“I'll be happy when I start my own business.”

“I'll be happy when I make my first million.”

“I'll be happy when I make my first eight figures.”

I got to all of that. Everything that I checked off the list, I'd get there where I thought I would be happy, and I still was not happy.

I found myself sitting in my doctor's office. I was pushing myself continually to achieve ‘happiness’, I had now literally worked myself to the ground.

I want this to be an opportunity for you to ask yourself, “Am I happy? Am I happy in the life that I have right now? Or am I chasing this one day, one day that is a moving target that I will never get to?”

In this episode, I would like to share everything I have learned through my experience in search of ‘happiness’, and seven things that each of us should be doing every single day to create a life we love.

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