042 | Reclaiming your Self-worth with Jenn Laforet


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This week, we are joined by author and writer Jenn Laforet. Jenn is the founder of Write Current, publishing life enhancement guided reflection journals and programs for women.

In this episode, Jenn shares her own struggle with self-worth in her life, and her journey of self-healing and self-love that led to her becoming an author and writer. She shares the most important lessons she had learned in this journey, the steps she took towards the change, and how she came up with the tools for reclaiming your self-worth – like her works of Guided Reflection Journals.

Jenn also shares:

  • Her own journey and struggle with self-worth including dealing with physical illness and relationship challenges
  • How she dealt with HPV and its impact on her self-worth, and the importance of having that difficult conversation with compassion
  • Asking yourself the important question, "Who's shame are you holding?"
  • How she came to realize that health and wellbeing can be a priority
  • How she learned to be firm on placing her boundaries
  • How she navigated into creating a healthy relationship setup with her children and ex-husband
  • How taking the steps towards self-healing and self-love attracted other people that supported her
  • How to feel safe to deal with your emotions
  • Her first steps toward change that led to her becoming a writer
  • How she decided to write her own book
  • How to start journaling

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