043 | The ONE Word You Need to Achieve Your Goals


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Too many of us are fair weather friends to our goals. I'll work on it when it's convenient for me. So some of us are expecting full time results. And we only want to put in part time work.

If you have not yet set your goals, if you haven't decided what it is, that's important to you this year, here's your permission slip not to feel bad about that. Just because the date changed on January 1, it does not mean that anything else changed in the world. We put so much pressure on ourselves, so much emphasis on this one day, that this is the day that we all need to suddenly become a new person. Nothing magic happened on January 1. You woke up and you're still the same person. The problems you had are still the same problems. The things that you love are still the same things that you love. But it does present for us an opportunity, an opportunity for at least symbolically, to start afresh to start anew. There's something about a new year that presents us with this opportunity to wipe the slate clean, and really decide who we want to be.

I wanted to share with you a few words that I'd love for you to consider as you go into this new year. Whether you've set goals or not, it doesn't matter. It's irrelevant. When you set your goals is really up to you. But regardless of what it is that you're working towards, whether you've set goals, I really hope that you are being intentional about creating the life that you want.

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