079 - "Big" Tom Talks Running Events During COVID-19, Future Pro Wrestling Events, and Getting Sponsors


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In this episode WrestleHorror hosts, Donnie Hoover and "Meathook" Jim Millspaugh talk to “Big” Tom Williams from WAR Wrestling.

Listen in as they discuss how Tom and his crew handled the COVID-19 regulations they had to follow to run their last 3 pro wrestling events, his upcoming events for 2021, and how sponsors have been stepping up to help out.

Their yearly big event, WAR 18 & HOF 9 is coming up on May 29th and Big Tom hints that there is some really special stuff planned.

“Big” Tom is a regular guest on WrestleHorror, as he will be a part of the Pro Wrestling Promoter segments. With “Big” Tom’s many, many years as the promoter for Wrestling and Respect, based out of Lima OH, he brings to the podcast table a wealth of knowledge that we’re sure everyone will benefit from.

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