Demon Finn Balor RETURNING To NXT? NXT Oct. 16, 2019 Review


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Another week of NXT, another week of...waiting for payoffs. Speaking of waiting for payoffs, and one of the promised payoffs for next week is the in-ring return of Finn Balor, or so it seems. After a spooky, smoky promo, what does it all mean? Laurie and Chopper Pete are here to break it all down on this episode of the WrestleTalk Podcast, where they review the October 16, 2019 episode of NXT.

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01:03 - Intro

9:14 - Demon Finn Balor RETURNING To NXT?

20:02 - $25+ Patreon Shout Outs

21:53 - Superchat Questions

24:12 - NXT Oct. 16, 2019 Review

1:13:02 - Superchat Questions

1:14:01 - Outro

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