Ep258 - JIM DIEHARD (SWW, Gladiators, Hammerlock, The Henchmen, All Star Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Malta + so much more!)


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In my latest exclusive interview I sit down with one of the very best big men in the business today... Jim Diehard

On his 20th Anniversary of being in the wrestling business we discuss what it is like to be a Super Heavyweight in 2022. We talk about coming back out of lockdown and how he approached his return after the layoff.

Jim talks about the many new promotions he has wrestled for over the last 12 months, including P.E.W, Colosseum and Wrestle Carnival and the experiences and opportunities he has been given, whilst imparting his knowledge to help some of these new groups.

Jim tells us about his love for Pro Wrestling as a youngster and some of the larger than life characters he gravitated towards.

We talk about South West Wrestling and his series of matches with LA Taylor and Kneecapper Murphy. Jim also tells us about what a special wrestling talent LA Taylor is, especially after bodyslamming Big Jim at Lake fest 2021.

Jim also discusses his love for promos, with some advice for other wrestlers looking to get better at their backstage work. We also discuss some of the amazing fellow pros he has had the pleasure of working with, including during his time as one half of The Henchmen. Plus, so much more! (Duration 1hr 16 mins)

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