Ep261 - 'UNKILLABLE' Ryan Parrott Interview (His Fantastic 2022, 2 Year Absence, DCW, Kamikaze Pro, Pun Intended and so much more!)


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In my latest exclusive interview I sit down with 'Unkillable' Ryan Parrott.

We discuss Ryan's return to pro-wrestling since his last match in 2019 and the challenges he went through during his two year absence, including his struggles with Alcoholism.

Ryan tells us about his return with DCW (Dynamic Championship Wrestling) and the many great opponents he has had over the last 9 months and what DCW has meant to Ryan since his return. We also talk about Ryan's trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland and the amazing experience and career highlight with NXG in June.

We discuss Ryan's fandom of pro-wrestling, starting with his love with the WWE console games before discovering stars like Shawn Michaels and CM Punk.

Ryan tells us about his desire to become a wrestler himself before donning the tights as a trainee. We discuss his early days in the ring, in matches against Chantel Jordan and Xander Calloway, before making friends with Harry Cruise which started the Hall of Fame tag team, Pun Intended.

Ryan tells us about the many highlights wrestling with Harry, in Wrestling For... and the amazing antics Pun Intended would get up to, to become one of the highlights of the tag team division.

We talk about Kamikaze Pro and his recent outings for them on their Kamikaze Pro Live shows, including Ryan's 5 day reign as "Influence" champion.
Plus, Ryan tells us about the likelihood of a possible 'Pun Intended' reformation in the future & so much more! (Duration: 61 minutes)

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