Ep268 - ELIJAH Interview (Progress, Charles Crowley, Dragon Pro, Chris Ridgeway, Cara Noir, ATTACK!, Pro Wrestling Chaos, WET CAKE PRO + Listeners' Questions & more!)


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Join me as I sit down with one of the stand-out performers on the UK scene in 2022... ELIJAH

We discuss his time with Progress Wrestling (2020-2022) and look ahead to his up-coming match against Charles Crowley at Progress Wrestling chapter 146 'They Think It's All Over...'

We also discuss his matches against opponents, such as Dan Moloney, Chris Ridgeway, Ethan Allen, Cara Noir, Tom Dawkins, LK Mezinger, Brendan White and many more!

We also take a deep dive in his early wrestling fandom, how he first got started in the business, his journey with companies such as Dragon Pro, ATTACK!, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Wet Cake Pro, MDRN NMD and more!

Elijah also tells us about some of his Dream Matches/Opponents and some possible stipulations he might like to give a try in the future.

We also take some Listeners' Questions and so much more! (Duration 66 mins)

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