Ep269 - KELLY SIXX Interview (His Awesome 2022, Kip Sabian, Cory McRea, Japan, Backyard Wrestling, Will Ospreay, South Coast Connection, Aussie Open, Listeners Questions + so much more!)


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In my latest Live interview I speak with one of the stand-out wrestlers on the UK scene in 2022, Kelly Sixx.

In this fantastic 70 min conversation we discuss Kelly's amazing 2022 so far and some of the show stealing battles he has had over the last 14 months.

We also discuss his change of style since returning after lockdown and his versatility in the ring.

We talk about his love for the sport as a younger fan and how that transitioned into being a Backyard Wrestler, alongside the likes of Kip Sabian, Will Ospreay, Ashley Dunn and others.

Kelly discusses his amazing break-out year & in his epic feud with Kip Sabian in RCWA in 2016. As well as his experience of wrestling 3x Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

We discuss his tag team partnership with Ashley Dunn and the many amazing matches they had against the likes of The Bullet Club/Young Bucks, Aussie Open, The Hunter Brothers and more!

Kelly tells us about his experience of training and working over in Japan and how that gave him a whole new appreciation for their training techniques and the tradition of the sport in Japan.

Kelly also answers a ton of listeners questions during the course of this utterly entertaining & fascinating conversation with one of the very best on the UK scene, Kelly Sixx.

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