Stuart MacBride, Crime and Thriller author - Writer of the 'Logan McRae' series talks new book 'All That's Dead', work ethics, and switching up the process.


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Stuart MacBride pretty much hasn't had a day off for 16 years. Every chance he gets he'll find a little space and place to write in. It's made him a very successful crime author. His newest novel is 'All That's Dead', in which Logan McRae returns to work after some time away, and is immediately thrown into the deepest, darkest part of the crime world.

We chat about why Stuart switches up his writing style - recently his need to keep things fresh saw him draft novels as TV screenplays. We also hear about where he gets his relentless work ethic from and how that's impacted his storytelling, and why he's always having discussions and arguments with himself about where the story should go next.

And, if you're a fan of the depressing state of world politics at the moment, you may enjoy the story of how Stuart got the idea for his most recent story.


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