Episode 32: Will This Ever End?


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Writing Class Radio is a podcast that brings you true, personal stories written in an actual memoir writing class and ideas about how to write your own stories. Student Allison Langer loves the process of pouring her heart out on paper then reading it out loud. She’s all heart. Teacher Andrea Askowitz loves tearing stories apart. She asks, “What is this story about?” and then helps to find the answer. She’s loves the craft, the art. This podcast is equal parts heart and art. In this episode, Allison and Andrea are talking about endings. How to end an essay when often the issues we write about are ongoing. Should we know the ending when we begin? Does the end of the essay have to show a change in the narrator? Can we show change or find meaning without distance? Can we leave the reader to interpret the ending or must we bang them over the head with the change? Listen as we answer these questions. We bring you examples of great endings from students Lis Mesa and Aaron Curtis, who worked on their stories in and out of class. Phoebe Scott, a listener in Tennessee and student Viccy Simon share short prompt responses. Andrea comments on what the students did so well in their stories. Both stories end in a scene, which is what Joyce Maynard does in Episode 30. Joyce tells writers to find a landing place that shows change. Thank you for listening to Writing Class Radio. If you want to hear your story on the show, pick one of our website daily prompts or follow us on twitter (@wrtgclassradio). Then record what you wrote using your voice memo and send it to us at info@writingclassradio.com. If you have a business or a startup and need help telling your story, Andrea will come to your office and teach all your employees how to better articulate why they do what they do. Do it! Stories sell. Allison will come to your retreat and help guests write through their shit so they can live free and happier. Writing Class Radio is produced by Virginia lora, Allison Langer and Andrea Askowitz. Theme music by Ari Herstand. Additional music by Justina Shandler, TJ North, Gillicuddy, Nick Jaina, Kai Engel, Podington Bear, and Bob Marley. Writing Class Radio is sponsored by and recorded at the University of Miami School of Communication. This episode is sponsored by Gold Valley Consulting. Hire Cristina Baldor to do your admin, so you can have more time to make the big bucks. Study the stories we study and listen to our craft-talks. There’s no better way to understand ourselves and each other, than by writing and sharing our stories. Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

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