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When a passionate Chef and health coach meets an agriculture leader and enthusiast you end up with a channel packed with insights about farm, food, family and most importantly, fun!This is a collaborative video channel to help you better understand where food comes from, the importance of our food journeys with family, holistic health through the food we eat, and how to have lots of fun with food in the kitchen!Nick Knutzen is a Chef, Health Coach and founder of Wyld Joy. Nick has traveled the world learning how to cook and eat well, and is always practicing creative ways to stay healthy and fit.Troy is a husband, father, creator and the Founder/CEO of Farm Brigge, a global agriculture Company focused on strengthening the economics of local farming while creating healthier opportunities for consumers. Join us on our journey to share insights on topics of farm, family, food and fun while connecting you to experts in each area to strengthen your food and family health journey.

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