How autocracies undermine liberal norms with Christoph Stefes and Betcy Jose


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In this fourth episode of our mini series on the study of authoritarianism Betcy Jose and Christoph Stefes, both from the University of Colorado in Denver, are discussing the role of autocracies as norm entrepreneurs in International Relations and how authoritarian regimes are trying to undermine liberal (western) norms. Furthermore, this overall 12th episode of the WZB Democracy Podcast is also a novelty as it is our first Podcast discussed entirely in English. Here are the links to the profiles of our guests: Betcy Jose: Christoph Stefes: If you want to have further information on the issues discussed in this podcast, below is a list of relevant publications by our guests with German and english texts. Christoph wrote a journal article entitled: "Hard times and regime failure: autocratic responses to economic downturns" together with Wolfgang Merkel and Dag Tannenberg, who both have been featured guests on our Podcast: Christoph also together with other autocracy researchers at the WZB published this journal article in German entitled "Why Autocracies Survive": Betcy's comments and analyses on targeted killings in English and German can be found here: a) English: b) German: Betcy's book on "Norm Contestation" can be found here: Christoph's co-edited book on "Crisis in Autoccratic Regimes" can be found here:

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