67: 5x02 "Chakram"


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This week on XENA: WARRIOR PODCAST, our prayers are answered! Vera, Katie, and Livy take a spin with 5x02 “Chakram,” an episode with an inspired premise and a less-than-inspiring execution. We discuss its disappointingly reductive take on Xena’s morality and identity, the sketched-in origin story for Xena’s iconic weapon, and the shifting power dynamic as Gabrielle steps into the role as Xena’s protector. Plus: the good, the bad, and the ugly new lewks; why hair beads tho?; Kal Kal Kal Kal Kal; Ares gives bad massages; Eli’s got a gun; Caleb’s got a hot tub?!; kiss the girl; and our opinions of the SuperChakram. Catch you around the Acropolis!

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