85: 5x21 "Eve"


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This week on XENA: WARRIOR PODCAST, we have seen the light! Vera, Katie, and Livy experience a revelation with 5x21 “Eve,” the emotional continuation of Season 5’s final story arc. We discuss director Mark Beesley’s masterful use of camera movement; the dense tangle of thematic callbacks to “Callisto,” “Return of Callisto,” “Fallen Angel,” and The Rift; Xena’s moral dilemma and the complexity of indirect responsibility; the biblical overtones of Eve’s redemption; the importance of naming; Joxer’s quiet death scene; and what Livia’s drinking reveals about her mental state. Plus: Gin martinis that aren’t paid product placement we swear, cry faces galore, best supporting actor: the wind, Ares talks to John Cena?, one of the coolest fight moves in all of Xena, and Gabs gives Xena so! Many! Pep talks!

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