XZRS: Paul Jeffrey Davids - Blowing America's Mind - Princeton, CIA Mind Control, LSD and Zen

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Paul Jeffrey Davids - How did America's CIA get caught up in things like psychedelics, deep hypnosis - and Princeton student life? This historic entanglement of the CIA, hypnosis and LSD happened because the CIA in the 50's and 60's experimented with new devious ways to impact the minds of its enemy - both foreign military personnel, its own agents, and also supposedly-dangerous internal enemies ... like college kids fighting against Vietnam War atrocities. For fifty years, no one has stepped forward to reveal the insider true story of how innocent Princeton students got caught up in and nearly done in by the CIA’s late-sixties LSD-laced hypnotic research. Now the story's out in the open. In this book you will meet the major participants in that first wild rush up psychedelic hill – the psychiatrists, psychologists and young human guinea pigs who not only had their sex and university lives perverted by MK-ULTRA mind manipulation ... they also nearly lost their sense of personal identity altogether in the process. The CIA secretly abusing American citizens ended with the LA Times ‘70’s exposé headline, “The CIA: Blowing America’s Mind: Once again this nation confronts how to prevent its powerful secret intelligence agencies from becoming a threat to the very freedoms they were established to protect.” ​ Not since “A Beautiful Mind" has there been a true story involving Princeton and altered states of consciousness - but unlike the story of the breakdown of a Princeton professor, in "Blowing America's Mind" the dose of madness is deliberately induced in Princeton students at the nearby (and now defunct) New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute under the guise of "expanding consciousness, attaining nirvana, and improving sex lives." - www.blowingamericasmind.com

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