Safe For Your Eardrums


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-Tonight, questions from Facebook Topics include: -Jesse Ventura’s ‘Off the Grid’ -Homicide at Monster Factory -Danny Demanto and GCW -Brandon Kirk ‘morphing into Jimmy Lloyd’ -Thoughts on the new Chappelle special -GCW’s “Bloodsport”: “This whole thing is just awkward” -Wishing the best for Artie -“You guys must be from California ...” -Lenny vs. The Bagel Guy -Nick F’N Gage: Old vs. New —“Gang-affiliated cornball ...” —Joe Beisler: “Do you have no mirrors in your entire fu**ing house?” -“Supposed to be simulated combat, and now motherfu**ers are naming shows ‘2 Cups Stuffed’ ...” -OPW: “Lousy is a terrible promoter” -Thoughts on the G-Raver-Jim Cornette issue —G-Raver’s “more worried about this than he is his recovery” ... and more!

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