Milan 2014 shorts: Brera and inner city of Milan


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In this series of short looks at the Milan design week 2014 we take a look at the key events happening in the inner city of Milan and the Brera District.
Ecal took a different approach to the home automation trend. By taking on the subject with a bit of humor it's easy to realise how many solutions simply don't make much sense yet. The impressive thing is though that all the projects presented were fully functional such as the floating hand awaiting to open up the curtains for you, a willing spoon to follow your cup of coffee around and humming fruits combining taste and sound.
The new collection of Hay was also a favourite amongst visitors and journalists, bringing good design and making it accessible to a wider audience. And 2014 also marked the return of Maarten Baas to the Milan design week as well with his 'Baas is in town' show.

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