Protective underwear


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Julia van Zanten decided to challenge the issue of the stigma related to incontinence, her inspiration, a family member who suddenly decided they didn't feel comfortable going on long walks with her.
“Practical solutions exist in the form of adult diapers, but these do nothing to address the emotional side of this common problem”
Julia created a washable textile underwear accompanied by washing elements and a campaign to bring awareness to the subject. The aim: to restore some dignity and a sense of security when leaving the home. Take a look and decide for yourself, is this something you'd rather wear then an adult diaper? Julia explains: “In the end it is not about the end product but the experience and conversation around its cycle of use leading to a change in perspective. Through this project I aim to provoke others to consider moments on the margins that could do with the same attention as our emphasis on designing chairs and lamps.”

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