Lauren & Cameron From Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ Are As Adorable As You Imagine And They're Already Thinking About Their Future Children!


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If you’ve not watched Netflix’s newest reality show sensation ‘Love Is Blind’ you need to stop what you’re doing and go binge it right now. It’s too good to look away! Once you finish you need to come back here and listen to this week’s bonus episode with Lauren and Cameron, the couple on the show that really stole all of America’s hearts. We’ve been swooning about their love story since the first episode of the show and we finally got our chance to ask them all the questions we ALL want to know! Another wedding? How scared was Cameron to meet Lauren’s father? What goes down in the Love Is Blind cast mates group chat? You already know - Use #YesGirlPodcast to chime in on all things Love Is Blind and to let us know what you think of our chat with the lovely Lauren and Cameron!

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