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3 Questions: How To Cope With Unexpected Change - 029 | Yes To You Podcast

“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.” —Jamais Cascio

We all know that change is inevitable and the only constant. BUT, unexpected change and be stressful if we're not mentally and emotionally prepared.

These 3 powerful questions inspired by Dominique’s journey may help you to adjust in times of unexpected change so that you, too, can move forward peacefully with your heart's truest intention!

In this episode, Dominique invites you to reframe unexpected change as an opportunity for alignment as you carefully consider the following:

►Your Feelings

►Your Expectations

►Your Desires

You can use the questions stated in this episode as journal prompts, group discussion topics, or simply food for personal thought!

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Episode Outline

► [1:32] What to expect in this episode

► [2:09] Dominique’s BIG move and tough changes this summer

► [4:15] Choosing acceptance over frustration

► [5:16] Empowerment Question #1: Feelings

► [5:46] When your routine gets permanently interrupted

► [7:00] Wearing too many hats leads to burnout, stress, and depression

► [8:46] Busybody, numbing out and suppression of feelings through routine

► [9:45] Empowerment Questions #2: Expectations

► [10:25] How expectations can lead to fear, shame, and doubt

► [12:14] The #1 thing to base ALL of your decisions on

► [12:45] What to do when things just aren’t working out as you’d planned

► [13:23] Turn obstacles into opportunities and problems into possibilities

► [14:49] Empowerment Question #3: Desire

► [16:21] Why Desire is so important to make the RIGHT decisions for your life right now

► [17:00] Putting it all together to know whether or not you’re on the right track

► [18:50] Being honest with yourself is the secret to your best next step

► [19:36] Closing thoughts and acknowledgment

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