Ben Yefuneh-Episode 21-Straight through the Yerushalmi


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The Yeshiva of Newark@IDT presents a unique offering to the Torah world.

We are all aware of the Daf Yomi,learning through Talmud Bavli a page a day-

Now you have the ability to follow master teacher Rabbi Avraham Kivelevitz through the lesser learnt Talmud of Eretz Yisroel or Yerushalmi -Sunday through Thursday weekly!

This episode concerns material on

this page here

Gain an understanding of Seder Zeraim,that explores the agricultural laws of Eretz Yisroel,and enjoy the crisp logic on display by the Amoraim.

Listening regularly will sensitize you to the salient differences between the two Talmuds on a host of issues.

Join Rabbi Kivelevitz's students,Daf Yomi Bavli veterans, who are participating in ZOOM teleconferencing and really appreciating the general approach the Yerushalmi has in solving Halachic difficulties,oft times cutting to the heart of the matter in language that resembles the cogent definitions of the Great Sephardic Rishonim-Ramban,Rashba,and Ritva.

The class in general is dedicated to the continued health and growth in all ways of Caleb Nathan Topolosky

כלב נתן בן אליעזר יעקב ורנה רחל

This specific Shiur is dedicated to the Refuah Shleimah of Caleb's grandfather,Alan Topolosky

אברהם בן זעלדא

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