Who we've lost during Corona-HaRav HaGaon Nochum Eliezer Rabinovich


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Rabbi Avraham Kivelevitz presents appreciations of Gedolei Deah and Halacha-Leaders in Torah and Avodah that have passed away during the Corona Pandemic.

This episode is meant to serve as a Hesped for

the intellectual giant,

Rav Nochum Eliezer Rabinovich Zt"l

הרב הגאון פוסק


פרופּ נחום אליעזר רבינוביץּ

נפּטר - י"ב באייר הּתש"פ,זצ"לראש ישיבת ההסדר "ברכת משה" במעלה אדומים,

מחבר פירוש יד פשוטה על משנה תורה לרמב"ם

The words of appreciation and remembrance were offered by

one of the most important Rabbinic figures in Eretz Yisroel,

educator,author,posek,lecturer,and thinker

HaRav Dovid Stav Shlita-Chief Rabbi of Shoham-Chairman of Tzohar-an organization composed of more than 800 Rabbanim

dedicated to bridging the gap between religious and secular Jews.

Rav Stav presented at a ZOOM teleconference on the eve of Yom Yerushalayim,focusing on the niftar's unselfish saintly character.

The eloquent moving tribute is constructed from fascinating Halachic interactions that Stav had over the years with the Canadian born emigre who became recognized after his Aliyah to in 1983 as one of the most important voices in the Dati-Laumi world.

Stav incudes in his talk,the important Halachic directives he gained from the Rav,and conveys the elements of his Midos Tovos that are sorely needed in the generation that now mourns his passing.

The points made so precisely by Rav Stav amplify what the former Chief Rabbi of England Lord Jonathan Sacks has written,

"He and the late Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l were the Gedolei ha-Dor, the leaders and role models of their generation. They were very different, one scientific, the other artistic, one direct, the other oblique, one bold, the other cautious, but they were giants, intellectually, morally and spiritually."

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