Who've we lost to Corona-The Novominsker Rebbe-Rav Yaakov Perlov


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Rabbi Avraham Kivelevitz offers an appreciation of Gedolei Deah and Halacha-Leaders in Torah and Avodah that have passed away during the Corona Pandemic.

This episode is meant to serve as appreciation and Hesped for

הרב ה גאון רב יעקב פרלוב זצ"ל

נפטר – י"ג בניסן הּתש"ף

האדמו"ר מנובומינסק

וראש ישיבה ישיבת נובומינסק

נשיא אגודת ישראל באמריקה

יושב ראש מועצת גדולי התורה

President of Agudas Yisroel of America,

Chairman of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah,

Rebbe of Novominsk,

Rav Yaakov Perlov Zt"l-

who was niftar on April 7th 2020

Presenting at a ZOOM teleconference,Rabbi Kivelevitz

traces in broad terms the life arc of this American-born

Gadol whose heart was tethered in the grandeur of the frumkeit of pre-war Europe.

Kivelevitz chooses selections from the Seforim and English essays and articles penned by the Noviminsker that provide biographical glimpses of his elevated character,deeply held convictions on Ahavas Yisroel and Chinuch, and an aperture into the measured reasoning and Talmudic methodology he employed over a life-time as a master machanech.

Kivelevitz peppers the talk with little known incidents that illustrate in small moving ways the Rebbe's humility and overriding concern for the welfare of others.

The hesped /haaracha is crowned by an in-depth Talmudic analysis of the the pasuk veshenantam livanecha, which the Rebbe cogently

qualifies as a unique aspect of effective teaching

and intelligent instruction geared toward the student that engenders a dedication from all of us to conserve and perpetuate the Mesorah.

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