From Routine To Ritual - How To Make Your Whole Life Sacred


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If you are struggling with your day to day routine, starting to put yourself last, or slipping on the self-care, then grab a cup of tea, light a candle, and settle into this episode with your journal and a pen.

As human beings, we are both divine and ordinary. We have the ability to blossom and bloom, but we can also turn inward when we need to protect ourselves. If you find yourself in a monotonous cycle or being pulled in too many different directions, a simple solution may be found through creating intention and ritual in your day.

In today’s episode, Rachel outlines simple acts you can take in your day to day life that will allow you to harness your divinity, connect to something greater and turn your world into a conscious, peaceful and connected place. It comes down to infusing presence and gratitude into the practices that make your day special so you can transform those ordinary routines into ritual. You have the ability to live a sacred life. In fact, it’s your divine right! Tune in for the steps to get started.

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