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Distraction Detox

This is a hatha yoga class that focuses on balancing postures and moving with breath to cultivate focus in our attention economy. Yoga has become a spectacle in the attention economy, where many yogis have joined in the endless algorhythm of getting you to look at them. Social networks need to keep us scrolling and clicking to collect revenue, so they show you everything they think will grab your attention. This is how the endless flow of rewarding stimulus keeps you coming back.

I think we can all agree that our that our attention has become increasingly fragmented even in the ̈spiritual ̈ world of yoga which have roots in discovering our True Nature not getting the best yoga selfie. When information is rich and options are endless many yoga channels and content creators are seeking to capture your attention in new, outlandish and misguided ways.

Today we are stepping away from the distractions and focusing on a yoga practice that is meaningful for you. It is a hatha yoga practice that will help you find focus and balance in a world that is constantly vying for your attention.

This class includes a lot of variations on classic hatha yoga poses to keep you focused: bridge pose variations, cat pose variations, gate pose variations, downward facing dog variations, Warrior one, Warrior two and Warrior three variations, and chair pose variations before I read you a poem about coming to your center.

Enjoy the class and let me know what you think.

Namaste, Melissa

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