Angela Naeth, Professional Triathlete on Focus in the Field and Fear as an Opportunity


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On June 10th of this year, Angela Naeth lined herself up next to the best in the field at Ironman Boulder. Having only run three miles at a sub-par pace prior to this race is something that may have thrown the average competitor into a stew of self-doubt but not Angela, she was feeling blessed just to be able to move. Nine weeks prior she couldn't walk up the stairs and nine months ago she lay awake at night on account of a sudden onset of extreme burning in her legs. Besides the burning sensation, Angela felt a weakness that informed her on a deep level that something was seriously out of balance in her body. Over the course of six months, Angela searched for the answers and found relief this past spring in a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. In talking with her doctor and staying calm through her mindful practices Angela developed hope for her recovery. She has already come a long way since receiving the news that the dis-ease in her body was not all in her head as some had speculated but actually multiple infections associated with contracting Lyme. Angela has always been a lover of nature and in recent years a student of Shamanism, which is a practice steeped in our connection to nature. She has learned to relax her mind so that she now sees things differently in her life. Some may say it's ironic that nature has left her with an intense mountain of life to climb but the wise would see it as divine perfection. She reflects on other challenging life situations to remind her of her resiliency and strength. Her mindful approach to life and sport informs us that she will no doubt get to the other side of this wave with more skill than most. Angela shares her experience with Lyme and her techniques for staying in the moment of life that she is living. She explains what true presence is from the perspective of a fierce competitor and makes no mistake in her conviction that it has nothing to do with being obsessed with power numbers. Angela is no doubt making her statement in the world by serving others through sharing her story and also through her women's empowerment initiative, I Race Like A Girl. She has single-handedly created a powerful community of women who are inspiring one another to take the next step and who are creating connection across the globe. There is so much gold in this convo and it may just be one of my favorites. It's hard to put a label like that on any of shows because all of our guests have managed to knock my socks off with their bravery and courage. Angela is no exception. I'm so grateful to have connected with this beautiful soul and I surround her in light, love, and power for her journey ahead.

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