Erin Carson, Strength Guru on Constantly Assessing the Risk and Reward of Strength on Performance


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Stand naturally, close your eyes and feel your body from your toe tips to the crown of your head. Without adjusting or trying to fix anything notice the natural posture of your skeleton and muscle body. If this was scaffolding on the side of a building, would you climb it? Would you apply extra weight to it and trust that it would hold you steady? Get honest with what you are feeling. Are there areas where you are dumping into joints? Veering off to the side or turning in on one side and out on another? Are these findings bad? No. Absolutely not. They are what we call, the "what is" and they are the pathway to freedom for growth. Now that you have the "what is" you can move in the direction that will best support you in gaining strength, increasing performance and staying healthy in your sport. This is where our guest today steps in and serves her purpose in the world. Erin Carson is strength guru to the tri-stars of our day, days past and days yet to come. She's been in the business of soaking up knowledge and body wisdom for well over two decades. She specializes in working with high-volume endurance athletes through a sport-specific approach to strength training. She is a traditionalist in that she believes in heavy lifting but she is intelligent in the ways that she loads an athlete's body. With a focus on the core elements of functional movement and foundation training, Erin builds the athlete up from the base to ensure a properly aligned and durable structure that can healthfully bare the load. Although she is absolutely considered to be an expert in her field, we see that she has what most experts lack, a beginner's mind. Erin is a sponge, she is willing to let go of hard lines for the sake of gaining the knowledge that will benefit her athletes. She is familiar with a little bugger known as the ego and she is committed to setting that little bugger aside for the higher good of her clients and their goals. This is a great convo, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed connecting with Erin. Please share the show within your community and assist us in growing the YTP community. Our guests have potent information to share with the world and we do not want any of it held back. We could not do this show without you so thank you, especially our Patreon supporters who have committed financially that offers longevity to the future of this show.

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