EP 37 - Setbacks are Setups: Trusting God & Transitioning After a Breakup


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Have you ever felt like God wasn’t answering your prayers about Mr. Right?

Have you ever been in so much pain over your Ex, you fear being stuck there forever?

On this episode, get ready for a heart-tugging message about a woman’s journey of feeling the pressure of a toxic relationship and moving past the pain to reconnect with God and herself in a life-changing way.

Plus you’ll find out:

  • How to renew your hope when you feel betrayed or ignored by God
  • How to confidently deal with emotional battles when people keep asking “why are you still single?”
  • If you’re idolizing relationships or marriage (and knowing the difference between desire and making it an idol)
  • Ways to heal from brokenness and see beauty in life again after a breakup

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