#46 How to Learn to Read Chinese: Pinyin, Characters, Vocabulary (Part 1 of 4)


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Welcome to part 1 of 4 about learning how to read Chinese. In this episode, John and Jared start at the beginning and talk about how to learn pinyin, characters, and vocabulary.Guest interview is with Scott Young, author of bestselling novel “Ultralearning”. Scott spent a year without English and managed to be conversational in four new languages, including HSK Level 4 Chinese!Thanks for listening to our podcast! Please write us a review on Apple Podcasts and we’ll give you a shout out on the podcast! We are also taking questions from our listeners. If you have a question, reach us at feedback@mandarincompanion.com. Follow us on Facebook and catch our latest Chinese learning memes on InstagramLinks referenced in this EpisodeChinese Pronunciation WikiSinoSplice - Learn the Structural Patterns of Chinese CharactersHacking Chinese - 7 ways of learning to write Chinese charactersOutlier Linguistics - Getting Radical About RadicalsOde to Heisig and RTKYoYo Chinese Lesson 1 – Intro to ChineseSkritterHanziCraftLanguage Log – Chineasy? Not.Scott Young - UltralearningT-Shirts for Chinese LearnersMandarin Companion Memes - Instagram

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