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For over three decades, Unsolved Mysteries engrossed audiences with true tales of missing persons, unsolved murders, and paranormal occurrences - touching on a wide range of stories from UFO sightings to the Kennedy assassinations. Over 260 cold cases were solved because of tips from viewers of the show.

Now, the iconic documentary series is on Netflix.

“Thirteen Minutes” is the second episode of this series. It's the story of the abduction, disappearance, and murder of Patrice Endres. The 38-year old hairstylist vanished from her salon in Cumming, Georgia in broad daylight during a 13-minute timeframe. Twenty months later, her body was found in a wooded forest, 6 miles from her salon. In this episode, our host Rebecca Lavoie (Crime Writers On...) speaks with the "13 Minutes" episode director Jimmy Goldblum.

Before the conversation with Jimmy, Rebecca also has a discussion with her real-life partner-in-crime and husband, Kevin Flynn. Kevin, who you’ve heard on this podcast before, is an Emmy-award winning former TV journalist, true crime author, and co-host of the true-crime podcast ‘Crime Writers On’ with Rebecca.

Loyal fans of Unsolved Mysteries might remember these words from the late and irreplaceable former host of the show, Robert Stack: “For every mystery, someone somewhere knows the truth. Perhaps that person is someone listening. Perhaps it’s you.”

If you have any leads on what might have happened to Patrice Endres go to https://unsolved.com/home/ to share tips or to learn more about the extensive amount of other mysteries covered by this series.

This episode contains spoilers. So make sure to watch the entire episode before listening on. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, our guest was recorded in his home and not in a studio. Thank you for understanding the change in our normal audio quality.

Stay tuned for our next episode on Unsolved Mysteries, Episode 3: "House of Terror."

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