014 - How to price your product


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  • Bob
    • Lacross Travel & Videos.
  • Rebecca
    • Nip/Tuck and Dexter (by myself) and How I Met Your Mother (with Henry)
  • Mike
    • Eli polite

Mike’s pricing video on YouTube:


Pricing Spreadsheet:


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Dad Jokes

  • Bob
    • So if a cow doesn’t produce milk, does that make it a Milk Dud or an Udder Failure?
  • Rebecca
    • Did you hear about the dyslexic zombie? He only eats Brians
  • Mike
    • Did you hear about the guy who invented knock knock jokes? He won the no bell prize
  • LIstener
    • Have you heard about Bruce Lee’s vegan brother, Broco Lee?
    • Why did the Clydesdale give the pony a drink of water? Because he was a little horse

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