E110: Is Work - Life Balance a Myth?


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We spend a lot of time on YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! talking about side hustles, bucket list items and achieving goals - from mindset to health and everything in between. I often tell people that YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! is about being more than your day job. but what if you love what you do AND keep the things you value - family, fitness, and fun - top of mind? What if you designed your days to fit all of it?

Danay Escanaverino, is the CEO of LunaSol Media and is known as a Multicultural Marketing Growth Hacker. I first met Danay through social media where each morning I would welcome her daily posts. She runs nearly every morning, is a mom to two boys, a wife... but to me, Danay's big YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! truth is... not apologizing.

We discuss:

  • The "aha moment" that changed her life (hint: her son was only 2 years old when it happened)
  • Work-life balance
  • Why community is embedded in her work to help Hispanic and Latinx thrive
  • Opening yourself up to new experiences


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