94. How to Find Aligned Partnerships | with Sandy Vo & Melissa Martin of Ladies Aligned


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Chocolate and peanut butter, intention and manifestation, Sandy Vo and Melissa Martin: just a few great tastes that taste great when aligned together. These two really do make a great pair, too, as co-founders of Ladies Aligned.

And something truly magical does happen when you’re able to find that aligned partnership or community, which is why Sandy and Melissa created Ladies Aligned in the first place — to create a community of empowering women who are devoted to encouraging each other to lead a life and business in alignment to our truest selves when they couldn’t find one.

So, in this episode, Sandy and Melissa are going to share what it means to come together as partners in business and remind us about the value of partnership. We don’t have to walk this path alone, we don’t have to build alone, and we can find complementary and aligned action when we lean on another’s zone of genius.

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