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How often do you listen when someone talks to you? I mean REALLY LISTEN to what is being said? Too often we listen to respond rather than listen to understand and that’s what this episode of YOUR CAREER Podcast is all about.

Oscar Trimboli is the author of Deep Listening and is on a mission to create 100 million Deep Listeners around the world.

“We speak between 125 and 175 word per minute, yet we can listen to 400 words per minute. That means that no matter how fast they speak, your mind can process three to four times more words. It’s this gap that causes you to drift off and be distracted when listening.”

Host of his award-winning podcast, “Deep Listening” and a popular keynote speaker, Oscar is passionate about using the gift of listening to create greater understanding, positive change and a stronger global community.

What are the conversations you are not listening to?

Oscar works with chairs, boards of directors and executive teams in local, regional and global organisations, and has experienced firsthand the transformational impact when leaders listen beyond the world they hear.

Oscar has worked with organisations including Cisco, Google, HSBC, News Corp, PayPal, Qantas, TripAdvisor helping executives and their teams to not only listen to what’s said by their customers and employees but what is unsaid.

Find out about Oscar’s career journey, how he handles change and how deep listening has helped his consulting business grow.

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