365: Transparency and being true to your art (w/ Carla Grace)


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Carla Grace is a self taught artist with a love for wildlife and beautiful, high quality art work. Born in South Africa, Carla has immigrated 5 times and currently lives in Australia. With a childhood that was dominantly based in Africa, she was able to experience wildlife in a way that has become the foundation of her vision: Where wildlife breathes through art.

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In this episode, Carla discusses:

-How she was drawn to wildlife art.

-Her take on Tiger King and zoos in general.

-How she attempts to make a communication between the animals she paints and the viewer.

-Why she always starts with the eyes.

-How she balances motherhood with creating art.

-Why she doesn’t rely on “fixes” for energy or inspiration.

-Why she decided to create a tutorial on how to paint fur.

-Where she got the idea for her new series, The Uninvited.

-Including written narrative as an addition to each piece of her art.

-How she plans her next painting while working on her current one.

-Her top business tips for artists.

-The importance of being transparent with people.

-How commissions were detrimental to the direction she wanted to go in her art career.

Carla's Final Push will inspire you to take the reins and just do it! Quotes:

“People will give back to you when you give to them.”

“Be transparent because in today’s social world, people can see a fake straight away.”

“If people stop asking you for help, then you’ve got a problem.”

“I was burning out a lot faster because I wasn’t doing something that was true to who I was.”

“Just take a little step every day and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.”

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