366: The Pyramid, The Pool & Artists (w/ Martha Beck)


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Martha Beck is an American sociologist, life coach, best-selling author, and speaker who specializes in helping individuals and groups achieve personal and professional goals.

Her books include Expecting Adam, Leaving the Saints, Finding Your own North Star, The Joy Diet, and Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening. She has also been a columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine since its inception in 2001.

Her newest project is a revolutionary writing workshop called Write into Light.

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In this episode, Martha discusses:

-The Pyramid and the Pool and how the change to the oppressive societal structure will begin at the bottom and absorb the top.

-How the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement are catalysts for global change.

-Looking at your own suffering as a starting point in your art.

-Steering your life from nature rather than culture.

-The way in which you are serving the monster when you “hustle.”

-How we can trust our bodies to direct us towards our truth (not our minds).

-What we can learn from baboons.

-The power of relaxing.

-How finding your path through life is exactly like tracking an animal.

-How to get “The Secret” to actually work.

-How Jurassic Park changed her life.


“Art is a power that spreads energy into the mass of the population.”

“Artistic expression is the most powerful mover of society.”

“The economy is the train track that society runs on. But art is the switchman. Art is the one that decides which track the train goes on.”

“The only thing more intelligent than the culture in your life is your nature.”

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