338: Your Creative POINTS! (w/ Tiffany Miller Russell)


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Tiffany Miller Russell is a wildlife artist and natural history illustrator. She delights in the unique and unusual, and her goal is to communicate that excitement with her viewer.

Her paper sculptures are created with found specialty papers. After drawing is carefully made, she hand-cuts the papers and forms them by hand to create a three-dimensional collage. With the exception of small 5x7s that she creates in limited editions, all of her pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art.

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In this episode, Tiffany discusses:

-Her initial exposure to paleo artist Gary Staab.

-Discovering people who were combining art and natural science.

-Picking dead animals apart in a zoology prep lab.

-How some of her pieces take up to 300 hours to complete.

-How listening to podcasts keeps her in her chair while doing her work.

-Dealing with her time management difficulties by turning it into a game.

-The psychological differences between rewards and costs in your creative tracking.

-Some of the mental and physical resistances that she deals with on a daily basis.

-Drawing without reference.

-Battling perfectionism and comparing herself to others.

-The inspiration she receives by subscribing to Sketchbox.

Tiffany's Final Push will remind you to HAVE FUN with your creative passion! Quotes:

“I like the challenge of having a challenge.”

“If you know that you can get addicted to something, why not apply that to your work?”

Links mentioned:

Gary Staab

The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

Leo Monahan


Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Steve Kamb


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